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ShokART is derived from the family name of the two creators; Dalvinder and Perminder Shokar. They just added a 'T' to the end of the name and made ShokART, clever huh?

Dalvinder (Dali) and Perminder (Pip) have been leading lights in the non-mainstream mixed-media world for many years and have been inspired by brands, locations, products, images and colours from what we call life. Sometimes dark and woven in Steampunk and on other occasions, light, bright, flowery and reminiscent of Summer. The variety and range is astounding and their creative talents extend to papers, paint combinations, embellishments, rice-papers, scrapbooking pads in all dimensions, stamps and stencils. They collaborate, they share and they grow and every time, something new and astounding appears. We hope you like the ShokART philosophy of no boundaries, no limits and you can't possibly get it wrong as there are no rules.


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Shokar & ART (proper name)

Shokar Sisters; Dali & Pip. ART; Contemporary mixed media, aka Mixology Sisters

Global phenomenon, starts here!

Krak 'n' Town, Budapest.